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          Shandong ShenYu machinery manufacturing co., LTD
          ADD:Guang Ming road, the economic development zone of guangrao county, shandong province

          Fracturing Fluid

          Detail Introduction

          1. Introduction
          The clean fracturing fluid produced by the company is also designed and developed by the company; with a complete formulation and production and testing equipment. The conventional system is properly adjusted in the process of polymerization in terms of different temperatures, geological conditions and fracturing technologies in order to meet the customer requirements.

          2. Technical Characteristics
          (1)The clean fracturing fluid system is an anionic surfactant. As sulfonic acid group is introduced, its resistance to temperature and salt is increased. In addition, the anionic surfactant is of the same properties as the formation, so it is not absorbed by formation, hence reducing the damage to formation in immediate vicinity of wellbore;
          (2)The clean fracturing fluid system has fast dissolution rate and dissolves uniformly, with its viscosifying time at 10min, so it is suitable for field preparation and use.
          (3)This clean fracturing fluid system is not much affected by biodegradation factors, so it is suitable for long-time storage; as a natural organic polymer, guar gum is easily biodegradable.
          (4)Its resistance to shear and temperature and its rheology are better than similar products; (See Qualification Documents for the testing reports by Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED) Langfang Branch and SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering).
          (5)It has extensive sources of raw materials, which would not be affected by international market, with stable cost price.
          (6)Low residue level (≤ 70mg/L; guar gum ≥ 200mg/L);
          (7)Small formation damage rate (≤20%; for guar gum, 10%~50%)